Old covered bridges are a thing of the past. Most people think of the movie, The Bridges of Madison County,” when they hear the words ” Covered Bridges.’ Searching for old covered bridges is easy if you go to Indiana. That state alone has 92 bridges. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are 880 covered bridges remaining in the USA. Pennsylvania has the most with about 200.

Each year  Indiana,  hosts the Parke County Covered bridge Festival. That county alone has 31 covered bridges. This year (2017) the festival was held October 13-22. During that time the roads to and around the bridges are really full of tourists. I guess you could call them, “Bridge Peepers.”

This bridge, “The West Union Covered Bridge,” was originally constructed in 1876. This scene  was taken during one of those festivals 15 years ago  . The trees surrounding this structure help define the entire structure. You could still drive through the bridge “at a walk,” when this photography was taken in 2002. I do not know if that is still true today.

One sad note about covered bridges is that vandals are also destroying some of these beautiful, historial structures every year and they cannot be replaced

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