The fun of workiing with black and white digital photography is that you can take a so-so color scene and turn it into a dramatic black and white photo.

The photograph, Walkway to The Beach is  a typical scene.  First you must be able to visualize what the photograph will look like in black and white  before you take it.  New to digital photography as I am, (you folks who have known me for a long time know that I am strictly a black and white film photographer) and I still “see” in black and white when it comes to photography  But I am changing to digital and I you guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.  My days making prints in the darkroom are numbered.

Ok, first here is the photograph in black & white. The shadows of the railing against the walkway are more dramatic and clouds stand out more too. The photograph has been not been cropped and you are literally looking up the walkway to the beach…which you cannot see. I am not sure of my exposure, but I did have a haze filter on the lens.This scene was captured on Pensacola Beach on the way to Fort Pickens.

The shadows of the railings really make this scene dramatic.

The color scene “is pretty” in my way of thinking but the black and white one is more artistic. The color one would make a good photo on the front of a note card.

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