During a recent visit to Italy, we visited two wineries in Tuscany. It was an interesting bus ride from Florence through the mountains to arrive at the Wineries. While the wine tasting was fun, I looked for other photography opportunities.

I spotted this vintage (unused I think) cart used for hauling grapes in from the vineyards. Complete with old wooden spoked wheels, rimmed with iron, it just sitting outside of one of the wineries along the side of a road. The hitch on it indicates it was pulled by a tractor of some kind.

In its current condition, I am not sure if it would still withstand the hills in the area. However, it was fun to see and photograph.

It was early evening and the surrounding mountains were already in shadows while the vineyard behind the cart glowed with the light.

I converted the color image to black and white, but could not make up my mind which version I liked the most,  So, I am presenting both here for you to view. You can make your own decision. Double click on the photographs to enlarge them. Feel free to share with your social media friends





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