I have always been amazed by the wonderful Live Oak or Heritage Oaks of the south. Their sizes are awesome. I am always looking for new trees to photograph.  In April of 2018 while I was walking around the French Market in New Orleans, I came across a person who was selling sketches of these oaks. I asked him where a certain tree was located.. And he said it was, “TheTree of Life” by the zoo. 

We traveled over to that area but did not find that particular tree, but promised myself to come back. In early January of this year, we went to New Orleans again. One of my goals was to find this tree. I was successful. My big disappointment was that there was another large oak growing very close to it.  Both trees were filed with hanging moss.

This tree is located in Audubon Park near the walking path, just behind the zoo.  It’s several hundred years old and has a lightning rod to protect it from storms. Registered with the Live Oak Society, It’s name: Etinne de Bore Oak.  It is nearly 35 feet in circumference. The crown is more than 160 feet wide. It is believed to have been planted in 1740. People can climb it; couples get married under it;  children play around it. This tree is a tree for the ages. I am presenting two different views of the tree(s). One of the tree pretty much by itself, and the second the two trees together. Click on the photos to enlarge them.






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