The scene which you take is not the same one which will end up on your wall. Here is how the photograph in my Photo of The Week, “The Old Oak Tree,” was made.

First, it was taken as a digital color photograph and I knew the finished one would be in black & white.  I know I could have played around with it in color, but I really wanted a black & white.  Here is the original:  (Click on it to enlarge)

color only web


There is even a slight sun reflection in the lens in the lower, central part of the photo. I converted it to black & white  and here it is with a little retouching on the glare:

b&w only web

OK, not bad, but it does not have the contrast I was looking for and the tree did not stand out.  So I vigenetted it with white…and here is what it looked like:

b&w white vin web

This was better but the tree still did not stand out . I did not like it. So I tried a black vignette which looked like this:

old oak tree web 5 copy


Yes…this is what I was looking for and it became my final print. If any of your are interested in purchasing this photo, go to:  (You may copy this and put it in your browser).

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