We always enjoy going to New Orleans.  We try to get there four or five times a year and I always have a camera on my shoulder. There are so many things to do and to see that we usually run out of time on each trip. 

I have yet to get a satisfactory photo of the streetcar on St. Charles Avenue. Believe me, I have tried. I just have not found the magic moment yet.

The French Quarter is our first destination with a stop at Cafe Dumonde.  After a filling platter of  Beignets covered with powdered sugar and a cup of hot coffee, it is off to new adventures. The musicians who fill the street corners of the quarter are an added attraction. We have seen some of them so many times, they seem like old friends.

On this one particular trip, we departed from our normal routes and headed up to the levee and walked along the Mississippi River. Our goal was some shops a short distance away. On this very chilly and breezy afternoon, we encountered this lone musician playing for the very few people who were strolling past him.

I called him “The Lonesome Troubadour.” Wearing one cowboy hat, and a second to collect what money might be thrown his way, he looked as cold as it really was. He was the only musician on the levee that afternoon. I am not sure what was in the container underneath his seat, but I do have a few ideas. His star-studded cowboy boots completed the scene.

You can see the New Orleans skyline in the distance. This is the typical musician you would expect to see on the street corners the French Quarter, but not on the levee.  Please feel free to share with your social media friends.















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