You could call this blog “The Song of The Flittering Butterfly” because  the several photographs here are of the same butterfly taken within a period of 15 minutes…or so. According to a dictionary, flittering means to move quickly in an apparently random or purposeless manner. This butterfly was flying from one blossom to another and to another. I just sat down on a chair, had my camera on a mono pod and waited for the butterfly to come back to a blossom.  Most of the photographs were taken within a range of 3-feet to 15-feet away from several different plants.

Normally I do not set my camera on automatic exposure, but I did this time because of the  changing light and shade conditions. The lens on the camera was a 70-300 Nikon ED VR zoom.  It was an interesting several minutes.

Butterfly 16  web

Butterfly 0 web copy Butterfly 2 web Butterfly 4 web Butterfly 5  web Butterfly 6 web Butterfly 8 web Butterfly 10 web Butterfly 12 web Butterfly 13 web Butterfly 14 web Butterfly 15 webButterfly 9 web

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