Among the items on our bucket list was to visit Selma, AL and take photographs of the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge, It was the scene on the “Bloody Sunday Attack”  March, 7th, l965. I was working in a a daily newspaper’s news room in 1965 when the AP’s wire service was sending report after report on the problems happening in Selma. It was impossible to comprehend them. Two weeks later, Rev. Martin Luther King and  Rev. Ralph Abernathy led a court approved march from Selma, across the bridge to the state capital at Montgomery, 54 miles away,

I wanted to see and walk across the bridge where history was made that year. It is a  bridge which was smaller than I expected, over the Alabama River  One unexpected surprise was the wild flowers growing underneath the bridge.

It was a beautiful drive going from Pace (near Pensacola FL) on the interstate to Greenville, AL and then taking the back roads to Selma. Along the back roads we saw mile after mile of wild purple Wisteria hanging from the trees and covering the fence rows as we drove north. Here are some views of the bridge.

Bridge sign 72

Towards Selma 72



Where the wild flowers grow 72Front View 1


Bridge view 72




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