If you have never seen a lighthouse without its light, I have one for you. This abandoned lighthouse “Stage Harbor, “is located on Cape Cod, MA. It is not really abandoned, but is privately owned and sits on private property. The lighthouse was called “Stage” from the many early fishermen in the area who used racks, or “stages” to dry their fish at a nearby beach. It is located at Harding’s Beach, Nantucket Sound.
The 48-foot cast iron tower and lighthouse keepers framed house were constructed in 1880 The light was placed in service on July 15, 1880, and was visible for 12 nautical miles. In 1933, it was decommissioned and the lighthouse and the keeper were replaced with an automated lighthouse in another area. 
You might ask, where is the light for the lighthouse? That’s a good question. After the lighthouse was deactivated, the “light” part of it was removed and the top of the light holder was sealed to keep the elements out. It is still that way today. The lighthouse is also Called Hardings Beach Lighthouse.
This photograph was taken in September 2001. There are 14 lighthouses on the cape. No, I did not visit all of them.
If you would like to read more about this lighthouse, go to: https://www.us-lighthouses.com/stage-harbor-lighthouse  Feel free to share this blog with your social media friends. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The prices shown include shipping.




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