The  small community of St. Francisville, LA provides several photo opportunities. There is a beautiful old Methodist Church a short distance from the downtown area. Outlined by a grove of grand old oak trees, the church provides several photo opportunities

In the “Olden days before digital photography), you would  be very careful how many photographs you would take. You had the cost of film, the processing and then making prints. Two or three different views were all you would take. Now with digital, you can take 20  or more, no big deal. The problem is trying to figure out which view you like best.

Here were the choices I had. Which is your favorite?

Church 4 web


Church 3 web


Church 2 web copy


Methodist Church web


Next to this church was a Catholic Cemetery with a neat set of statues: Here they are with a closeup of one. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Statutes web


Closeup of statue web

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