In June of 2009, we had parked our motorhome at a campground at Cornersville, TN, off I 65. We headed out on the back roads to find old barns, grist mills or other things of interest to photograph. We decided to take State Highway 64 east towards Lynchburg and home of Jack Daniels. Along the way we sighted this old barn right next to the highway covered with brush and old trees, but it had an interesting sign on it;s tin roof.
The building still had the chute to load livestock onto trucks which were probably going to market. It obviously had not been used for some time. It was a cloudy, wet day and I took several photographs of this building. I promised myself to return another time when the sun was out.
We then found our way to Lynchburg and Jack Daniels. We did the tourist thing and took a tour of the distillery, which is in a dry county. (You cannot purchase any alcohol in the county). We found a tourist’s office and asked about other old barns, grist mills the area. A lady told us about a grist mill down the road a ways which will be featured in another blog.
Three years later when we were in Tennessee, I decided to take a better photograph of this old barn. It had disappeared. A bit of history was now gone.
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