This beautiful Lighthouse is located in a park at Port. St. Joe, FL. It is one of four lighthouses on Florida’s Forgotten Coast Lighthouse Tour. This lighthouse has a very long history of damage and replacement by many storms. Now, surrounded by trees it is just a short distance away from the city’s waterfront.

The first lighthouse was built in 1847 on a site, “deemed to be entirely secure from overflow or inundation.” But in during a strong gale in 1851, it collapsed. A year later, a new lighthouse was constructed but the light was not installed until 1855. Ten months later a hurricane ruined it. A third lighthouse was built in 1859. During the Civil War, the light was removed from the lighthouse, but the keepers dwelling and the wooden portions of the tower were burned.

Life was not easy for the lighthouse keepers as well. One drowned, one was murdered and I could go on and on, but here is the link to its history which I think you will find very interesting. Also, the locations have been changed many times. At one period, the Air Forced owned the lighthouse. This lighthouse is now 12 miles away from its original location.

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