When you walk through the French Quarter of New Orleans you never quite know what you will see next. This scene was captured as we were heading back towards the bus (yes, the street car tracks on St. Charles were under construction) to return to our hotel. This scene is a typical scene with the bicycle chained to a light post and someone sitting on the sidewalk. But the lady  who was  the poet did not have an Ipad, nor a laptop computer, she had an old portable typewriter sitting on top of some kind of a portable desk.

The other young lady sitting on the sidewalk, believe it or not, was a customer. I guess you could call this “poetry in motion,” or something like that. The poet would write a few lines and then show it to her customer for approval, and then reinsert paper in the typewriter and type a few more lines.

I thought it was a neat  scene. The sign was hard to read with the sun reflecting of it, but you get the idea.

Poet For Hire

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