Several times I have motioned, and I will again, that you should have prints made of your family photos.  Save them for future generations.  I am sure most of you have photos of  parents and relatives taken, 30, 40 or even 100 years ago. If you do not have prints made  now of the people you love, they will be lost for all generations.  Even if you have prints made and throw them in a box, they will surface in later years. By the way, write on the back of each print the date and who the people were! I do not always practice what I preach.  “Let’s see now, which daughter was this?” Don’t rely on your camera memory cards or “the cloud” or Facebook or whatever the newest and latest memory saving device will be. Those could disappear as new memory devices arrive in the future.

Another idea is to have a photographer take family photographs on a regular basis.

Some people recommend  putting your photos on “gold disks” which, according to experts will keep the images for  100 years or longer. That is IF there will be a device 100 years from now which can read the images. Remember “floppy disks” and “eight track” tapes?

If you want your grandkids and great grandkids to know who their  grandparents and  great-grand parents were, have your special prints made now and don’t leave them or your smart phones or your hard drive or your backup hard drives. Twenty or 40 or 80 years from today there will be someone very happy that you had those prints made.

Click on these old family photos to see them in a larger size. The years of these photos:  1892; 1938 and early 1920’s.

Old photo

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