I have always loved oak trees since I was a kid on our farm in Southeastern Minnesota. There was one big oak and a Box Elder in a field just behind the barn. On a fence line out in the fields there were three or four big oaks where the cows and horses would stand in the shade to escape the summer heat. Now 75 years later, the oak behind the barn, battered by storms. is still there.

In northern Illinois where we lived there were several Pin Oak Trees whose leaves turned red, then brown but, would not fall until spring They made a beautiful scene during the winter months with snow hanging on their leaves.

Moving to Florida I fell is love with the old southern oak trees, some hundreds of years old, which withstood the wraths of Mother Nature.

The photograph in this blog is a beautiful view of an old southern oak on the west side of Pensacola. I do not know the official name of it, but I have been told it is one of the oldest oaks of its kind in Florida.

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