(The White Pelicans are one of the largest birds in North America with a 9-foot wingspan. The California Condor is a bit larger. They are migratory birds and winter in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts. In the summer they migrate to the northern US and Canada.}

Normally, I do not take a camera out in the boat.  But when I was visiting my brother at his place on the Alabama River at Millers Ferry, I took it along. He was going to check some catfish traps he had put out in the river the previous day.

We were on the way back to his house when we spotted a flock of white pelicans circling  something in the middle of the river. A few would land and then take off again. Then some others would land and others take off again. I asked my brother to get closer to see what was happing.

I put the telephoto on my camera and when we got closer, I could see that it was a large floating log in the middle of the river. At first, I thought it might have been a large alligator. (They get very large in this area of the river.) Then we stopped because I did not want to scare the birds.  I took several photos of them with the log; some birds sitting on the log and some circling over it. Then they all got on the log at one time and I took this one photograph. Before I could take a second backup photo, some birds starting flying around the log again.

I gave up taking a backup photo of them. As we departed down river, the pelicans were still following the floating log. You can see more of my waterscape photographs at:


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