OK, I  will admit this is a different kind of a blog, but you know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It is the time of the year that all the advertisers on television, newspapers, internet and restaurants want you to leave some dollars with them on February 14th and  ” tell the people in your life that you love, them.”   But why do it on just one day? It is something you should tell them every day of the year!

With this in mind, rather than showing you a photograph about romance, I am showing you two old valentines from my life’s small collection I though you would enjoy them. They are probably from the late 30’s or the  early 40’s.

Valetine 1 web

Valentine 2 web copy


There is one other item I would like to mention….chocolates go good with Valentines Day. While this is late for this year, here is a source for some of the greatest chocolates in this country:


Check them out on their website. They are pricy but worth every cent you pay. It has been several years since I have purchased candy from them until two weeks ago. Hmmmmmmmm.

Oh, the verse  in the first valentine:

“With love

Your cheek like the apple blooms,

Your eyes like the soft stars shine,

You were made for me I know

By kind St. Valentine.

Then sweetheart

give your love to me

In fair return for mine”.




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