Introducing my latest Heritage Oak Print.
My wife and I do not like hurricanes, especially when they may be coming towards us. We ran away from Ivan which decimated our area in 2004; we ran away from Katrina which missed us but crushed New Orleans in  2005, and we ran away from Irma this past October when it appeared to be coming in our direction. We headed towards Panama City, FL which we thought would be a safe haven. It was, but the storm missed our home too.
The day after our arrived in Panama City, we discovered a farmers market near the waterfront at St. Andrews Bay, just a short distance away.  While the market was small due to the wet weather, we started driving around. At a nearby  park near the bay, we spotted this old heritage oak.  
Called, “The Old Sentry,”  by locals, it is estimated to be more than 250 years old. This means it was standing during the war between the states. Covered with moss, the tree’s  branches reach out as a sentry towards the bay which is just a short distance away. The beautiful moss hanging from its many branches adds a distinctive southern flavor to the scene. The tree is protected by the wrought iron fence which surrounds it. There are several park benches nearby where visitors can sit and view the beauty of this wonderful old tree.
I am offering a special “Christmas Price” on this, my newest heritage oak tree print.   A 11×17 signed, fine art print, is available only in black and white, for $45.00 (regular $65.00) which includes  shipping.  Satisfaction guaranteed. This is a custom made print for you by the artist. This price is available through December 15th. You may pay through  Paypal on this website or you may contact me at: This will make a great Christmas gift or add a distinctive decor to your home or office. Other sizes are available at regular prices.  Share this blog with your friends and social media contacts. You may view more trees at my tree gallery:




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