The photo of the week is a result of one of our “bucket Wishes” desires…..a trip to the Tobasco plant at Avery Island, LA. However we found somethings more interesting than Tobasco. For example the photo in this update was taken at the country’s oldest rice milling plant, Contrad Rice Mill/Konriko Company Store in New Iberia, LA

The mill was founded in 1912. The original part of the mill was built in 1914 and received additions in 1917 and 1930. This is significant because it is a rare surviving example of a factory using a belt-drive power transmission. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

If you ask if we stopped at the mill’s country store the answer would be, “You bet we did!” They were not milling the day we were there, but it was a very interesting tour. We asked the lady in the store for a good “down home” place to eat. She did and it was great. But that is another story.
Rice Mill web

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