We first spotted this beautiful old house along Interstate 24 outside Hopkinsville, KY in 2002.  It was part of a complete farmstead near the interstate. (mile marker 71, I believe.) It consisted of the house and several other buildings. We passed by it several times before we stopped with our motorhome at a nearby truck stop in an attempt to find a back road to the property.

We finally found a road which crossed under the interstate and then a service road to what, at one time, had been a very beautiful farmstead. There were several barns and sheds on the property. All of them had seen their better days. 

This, once a beautiful colonial house, complete with a large front porch was unique, in my opinion, because the slave quarters were attached to the house.  To see the remainder of the farmstead buildings in a gallery, go to: https://frankbrueske.com/photogallery/gallery32/

Sadly, now all the buildings have been demolished and are gone forever. Just baren land is in its place.

After photographing this farmstead, we followed more back roads through the hills of Kentucky and Northern Tennessee in search of more old barns and buildings.

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