Going through some past files I came across this scene taken on a recent trip on the back roads of Nova Scotia. I noticed this building along the side of the road so I did not have to walk very  far for the photograph. (This is not always the case.)

The texture of the wood siding, the shape of the building, the old boat by the building, which is common in this seafaring country, and the cemetery behind it, caught my eye.

At first, from a distance, I thought it was a roadside church when I took the photograph.  But  now when I look more closely at the scene,  it probably was a roadside general store with the boat and a cemetery in back. I looked closely at the windows and the one on the lower left had some old bottles on the window ledges. You may not be able to see them on the web page. In the attic there appears to be some empty boxes.

Now when I really enlarge the photo, there is a sign which says, “Old Port Medway Shop.” which dispels my original idea it may have been a church.

And yes, that is a two lane paved highway which is just feet away from the front door of the structure.

For those of you who would like to see the colored photo of this scene, I have also included it here too. Click on the photos to enlarge them. It is a neat country scene.

old nova scotia church bw web old nova scotia church colored web

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