Nova Scotia is a fantastic place to take photographs. Just follow the coastal roads and you find small boat harbors, many fishing villages, old weathered buildings with rusted tin roofs and lobster traps stacked nearby. 
Every photograph has a story.  The title of the scene Is, “Foggy Quiet Cove. Whenever you are traveling the back roads, you never know what you are going to find.  While we were traversing the roads close to the water in Nova Scotia, we got a late start because of foggy conditions. Shortly after we began our day’s journey we came upon this roadside scene. The fog was thick out on the water, but it had cleared near shore. Here, in the sheltered cove, coming out of the fog, was a small fishing village. Wildflowers were blossoming along the roadside and If you look very closely you will see one man on the boat dock.) An older boat has been pulled up on shore. The day is about to begin.

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