It was fun to watch the night Mardi Gras  Parade in Pensacola. After three years of trying with both a film and digital camera. I was successful with my digital. I finally moved the ISO up to 6000 with the with a shutter speed of 120 and an f stop at 5.  This will mean nothing to you non photographers but it will let the other people know how I set the camera.  I wanted to capture the bright lights. You only have to imagine the loud music, the people shouting for the float riders to throw beads their way and taking in the entire scene.  Here are nine shots from the evening. You can see  all my photos in the  gallery, Mardi Gras Night Parade. Oh yes, we did get quite a few beads too.


Parade 6 Parade 5 Parade 4 Parade 2Parade 7 Parade 8 Parade 8Parade 9 Parade 14 web

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