“Minnesota Country Bridge,” is the title I gave this photograph taken in early 1970 in Southeastern Minnesota.

We had just purchased a used travel trailer and wanted to check out a nearby campground. Along the way, we spotted this old country bridge and I took this photo. It was one of three I took of the bridge that afternoon.

The white you see along the shorelines of the stream is actually ice and snow which had not melted from the cold winter. Those are not mountains you see in the background but what most people along the Mississippi River area call “bluffs.” Some are more than 1,000 feet above the valley floor.

What I liked about this view was not only the dark bridge with a light background but also the silhouetted trees on the left, the curve of the stream passing through the scene and the old fence posts and dried grass in the foreground.

The reason for the square format of the photograph is that I used my Hasselblad 1600 cameras which produces a square rather than a rectangular image. which you get from most cameras. even the digital cameras of today, I have several other photos taken with this camera which also remain in a square format.

I tried to make a rectangular image, but felt it was missing too many elements.

This photograph is available in three sizes. If you would like to view a rectangular view, just drop me a note.  Feel free to share this with your social media friends.



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