“Love in The City,” is the title of  this photograph captured  in Chicago in 1963.  It is one of  58 photos which appear in  my “60 years of Black & White Photography-and a Splash of Color,”  exhibit at the Wright Place in Pensacola.

I was in the city for a day to take photographs after I took a night train down from Minnesota and arrived at rush hour. I had walked from the train station over to State Street and then over to Wabash. (There were several camera stores on Wabash at that time.) I was on Wabash going towards the river when this couple came walking  towards me,  oblivious to other people around them. After they had passed me, I turned around to take this photograph.   The man took his arm from the lady’s waist and  gently put it on her shoulder as I snapped the shutter. The scene was gone in an instant. Soon they were lost in a crowd of people.

Love in the City 1963

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