It is not very often that I have an opportunity to test a new lens. I have been looking for a new lens for my digital Nikon for nearly three years and finally settled on one. I had 30 days to test it out or return it.

Here are two photos taken with the new lens. It is a Nikon 75-300 4.5 zoom. I also used a mono pod to help steady the camera when I was shooting.

Here is a color photo of the same scene 



The first two scene were taken just three miles from my house on a Sunday afternoon. A boy and his mother were feeding some sea gulls. Gulls have a great communications system. When one finds some food the word is spread to other birds in the area and suddenly you have a whole flock of them looking for the food source. Here is the youth running along the beach and throwing food to the  birds and you can see what is happening.

The second scene is of one gull perched on a post.  It was one of several flying around in the area. This photograph in color did not have any life to it. After reviewing several photographs I took with the lens I have decided to keep it.

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