This is a typical gulf fisherman which you might call “A lazy day of fishin.”  Here he is equipped  with the  most essential ingredients, an umbrella to keep the hot summer sun at bay, two fishing poles, some sort of a seat that is not too uncomfortable, a cooler for beverages and maybe a sandwich or two, another cooler for bait, a tackle box  and a bait bucket. This photo captures it all. It was hot out, but this guy was keeping cool and I am not sure if he was catching any fish or not.

This interesting and colorful scene was captured at Bayou LaBatre in Alabama.The fisherman was not aware of my presence, I don’t think. This is one of many scenes that you stumble upon and it is too good to pass up. As you can see this was photographed on a small bayou which leads to a boat harbor, just a few yards from the gulf.

This is as good as it can get on a hot summer day…especially if there is a cool beverage in one of the coolers.

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