Many times photographers will go past some of the scenes they have captured only to return to their files two or three later and discovered one which  did not catch their eye the first time around. That is the case with the grist mill in Beatrice, AL.  I was taking scenes of the old court house at Monroeville, AL (the home of Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbirdº, when we decided to travel on to Camden, AL.

This mill, Rikard’s Mill is located in Rikard’s Mill Historical Park, just a bit off  highway 56. We had passed this mill many times, but now we would stop to check it out. This is what we found; a water powered restored grist mill and a small museum It was a cloudy day but just right for photography.

I came back to this scene while searching for something else in my files. I said, “Hey this is a great black and white photograph.” It is not bad in color either.  So, here it is for you to enjoy in both black & White and color. Let me know which one you like best


B&W grst mill 72Colored grist mill 72









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