A short time ago my blog featured an old barn on highway 64 in Tennessee.  We were on our way to Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, TN.  I did not take any photographs in Lynchburg, but a lady at the visitor’s bureau there told me about an old grist mill at Belvidere, TN, –  Falls Grist Mill. We found it and it was a neat mill, However, the day was very cloudy. We waited for quite a while for the sun to come out but we gave up on that happening.

The photographs in this blog were taken on that cloudy day. Actually,l I think the black & white photos turned out better without the sun. Without the shadows, I was able to gain more detail in the trees, grasses and the mill itself…especially the old mill wheel.

I also took several colored views of the mill and I have included one here. Unfortunately, without the blue sky the water in the millpond appears a brown color. You can choose the view you like best.This mill is still operational today, I believe.

We asked a lady in the gift shop at the mill if there was a local restaurant nearby where we could get a quick snack. She mentioned the “Blue Plate Special” a few miles down the road. We  found it and had a “Blue Plate Special,” lunch. But don’t ask me what it was because cannot remember. My wife was the only female in the place., other than the waitress.

What a lucky day; two great photographs in one trip. Sometimes you can go several days without finding anything to photograph.

Several years later while I was working at the Blue Morning Gallery in Pensacola, (where I am an artist,) I met some visitors from Tennessee. I told them about the barn and grist mill I found in South Tennessee. I was informed, “Sir, there is no South Tennessee, just  West Tennessee and  East Tennessee!”

A person is never too old to learn more about geography.



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