The beautiful Angel Oak Tree  on St.John’s Island near Charleston, NC has many different “faces” so to speak. Here are four  different views of this magnificent  oak tree, two black and white, and two color. When you arrive at the tree, you may want to walk around it two or three times before you start taking any photographs. If there are some artists painting a scene of the tree, stop and see if that is the view you want. I eventually passed on their position.  I first set my camera to automatic exposure but did not like the results as much as I did the manual exposures which you see here. Notice how small the people appear next to the tree. This gives you a good idea as to its large size.

If any of my readers would like to purchase an 8×10 of this tree as a gift to yourself  or a friend, it is only $23 which includes shipping.

Be sure and click on the small image to enlarge it.

Angel Oak Artists web

Angel Oak 6 web

Angel Oak 4 web

Angel Oak 9 col webHowever. here are the four different views. A photogra

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