Many times you do something and that “something” turns into something else. Case in point: it is a beautiful autumn evening and my wife and I decided to take a cup of coffee..and a maybe cookie or two, and watch the sunset on Escambia Bay. It is about three miles from our house.

We do this quite often. This particular evening I had my camera with me.  The sunset was not spectacular, but what made it interesting, a young boy and girl walked out on the dock.

Suddenly, like magic, a flock of seagulls began flying around them. I think they might have been looking for food from the youngsters.  The setting sun not only highlighted the gulls but also silhouetted the youngsters standing on the dock.

But now looking at the two on the dock, it appears they may have been throwing some food to the gulls. You can also see the reflection of some of the birds in the dark water.

Our coffee turned cold as we watch the frenzy actively taking place in front of our eyes for several minutes. Eventually, the soaring gulls and youngsters disappeared into the evening. I am showing you both the black & white and the color versions of the scene.

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