All artists,  especially photographers, at one time or another, have seen something they were would like to capture, but say, “I’ll come back and do this later.”  How many times have I seen something and didn’t have a camera with me, or did not take time to stop and say, “I’ll come back another time.”

It may have been that very foggy morning on Highway 61 in Minnesota, along Lake Pepin.  I spotted a sailboat surrounded by a very thick fog, near the shore; or on Interstate 5 in California when I saw this old barn with hay spilling over from the haymow; or along Interstate 80 in Nebraska when I saw this old wooden windmill near the highway but did not take time to try to find it, even though I was in a motorhome, pulling a car behind, travelling 70 miles an hour.

Those are just a few of many instances. But, here is the latest. The trees in this blog I spotted several years ago along the Florida Panhandle Coast on highway 30A going to Rosemary’s Beach. It was after we stopped at “Stinky”s Fishcamp” for lunch (for real). I told myself, “I’ll come back another day.”

Fast forward 3 or 4 years later, (last week) I had my camera with me. After lunch again at “Stinky’s,” I started looking for the trees. That was my mission for this road trip. I finally found them but, wow!  What first was a whole grove of trees by themselves, turned out to be a grove of trees hemmed in by new home construction on both sides. Bummer! And, it was also a very cloudy day. Despite that, I managed to get several different views of this grove. Sadly, this lot is for sale. I imagine soon there will be a new house on it and these beautiful trees will disappear!

I contacted the Florida Extension Service at Walton County FL to find out what kind of crazy trees they were. “Sand Live Oak,” was the response.

So here they are, my versions of the”Dancing Trees. Feel free to share this blog with your social media friends.



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