One of my most unfavorite plants is the Azalea.  They grow like weeds. You trim them back and they grow back stronger and hardier than before. In  my opinion, their only forgiving is the beautiful blossoms which explode in the spring.  Of course if you trim them back too late in the summer, their blossom production drops dramatically.

My favorite way to take photograph of flowers is to get as close to the blossom as you can. A shady day is better than a sunny day.  You will get the real delicate tones of the petals that way. If is is too sunny, part of the blossom may be too bright and you lose the softness of the petals.

These two photographs were taken with the zoom lens extended out as far as it would go and then move in as close as I could.. and still keep the center the of the bloom in focus. That gave me a very short depth of field which softens the photograph a lot. Enjoy.

Azalea  2 web azalea  1 web


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