April is the time of the year that Bloom Bonnets explode into bloom all over Texas. Many are wild, some have been planted in fields.  Others have been planted along the roadsides. A person does not know for sure when the prime time will be as it varies every year. It all depends on the moisture in winter and when warm weather appears in spring. Sometimes they are blooming in March in southern Texas.

There are many websites which provide you with the bloom progress in the state. Just type  “Texas Blue Bonnets” in your computer browser and many different sites come up for you to view.

This is one of my favorite views of the Blue Bonnets around Ennis, TX where we went last year. The Ennis Visitors Bureau has a roadmap you can follow to view all the flowers (including a winery) in that area. We spent three days last year going up and down and around the back roads of Ennis and returned with many interesting views of the flowers.

To see more of my photographs from last year go to my website: https://frankbrueske.com/photo-gallery/gallery23/.

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