Late March and early April are one of the most beautiful seasons in Texas: IT’S BLUEBONNET TIME! Millions and millions of the beautiful flowers dot the landscapes in Texas and they are followed by thousands and thousands of tourists year after year.

You will find them in long lines of cars as they snake their way around the countryside. You will see them taking pictures. You will see them with their young children sitting in patches of bluebonnets and proud parents wanting to capture their kids in a sea of blue. But, you can also escape to some lonely back country roads where there are very few cars too. 

This photograph was captured outside of Ennis, TX in the spring of 2017. I call it the “Peaceful Scene,” a lonely tree on a hilltop surrounded by bluebonnets and not another car in sight.  This single tree was perched on the hilltop on this spring day with blue skies and a springtime breeze blowing gently on our face. 

It was really Bluebonnet time in Texas!



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