How often do we see an opportunity to take a “great” photograph but do not take it. There are many reasons, “I don’t have a camera with me,” or “I can’t stop the car in time,” or “I will see this another time.”  This has happened to everyone, myself included.

At one time, many, years ago, I had a camera in the car all the time. Whenever I went in my car, a camera went with me, but now I rarely take one. This is not a good idea. Then there are times when I have the camera in the car and do not find anything to capture.

I have missed “great” photos of a barn with hay coming out of the haymow while speeding along Interstate 5 in California. There was no place to pull over along the road, climb a fence and walk across a field; nor the time along Lake Pepin in Minnesota when I saw a sailboat shrouded in fog near the shoreline but did not feel liket stopping (I should have stopped); and most recently when  my wife and I were having breakfast on a Sunday morning in Gulf Breeze, FL and there were beautiful clouds behind  sailboats at a small harbor. The camera was sitting back in the house.

But wait. Sometimes you do have a second chance. The next time we went to this restaurant on a Sunday morning I DID take my camera with me. What you are looking at with this blog are two photographs I took after breakfast. One view I framed with the palm trees, one without. The clouds were just as beautiful as the one Sunday when I did not have the camera along.

There is an interesting thing about these photographs. I took several photographs with the camera set on automatic exposure (just for fun) and they came out ok. But when I set the camera to my own manual exposure the color and depth in the photograph was much better. My camera has zoom lenses so I can normally fill the scene in the viewfinder.

The moral of this story, which I should adhere to is….always have a camera in the car at all times. You folks with cellphones, which take photographs, always have them with you! But how many times do you have prints made from them?

Here are the two different views: one framed by palm trees and the second with palm trees on one side. Which do you like the best?

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