Ocean SunriseA picture is worth a thousand words (an old Chinese proverb). In terms of photography it may take a thousand words to explain the photo, or to tell about the photo. or where it was taken, or why it was taken.

Regarding this Photo of the Week”  “Ocean Sunrise,” which some of you may have seen before on my website, there is a story I would like to pass on to you.

It was taken in February, 2010 near Marathon, FL  shortly after sunrise. It was color digital file which I converted to black & white. It is one of my favorites. and  have shown it at several exhibits and at gallery nights in Pensacola

At gallery nights I always have attendees register for a large photograph which I give away in a random drawing. This photograph was one of  those. An employee at the gallery night business usually draws the name for the give away.

I will call the winner and tell the person that he or she has won the photograph and can pick it up at the business where I participated in gallery night. I normally never meet the winners.

Fast forward to this fall four years later when I held a two-month solo exhibit at the Navarre, FL Public Library. (About 40 miles away from my home). When we were  taking down the exhibit, the librarian  discovered that my wife also played the harp. She asked her if she would play for the volunteers Christmas Dinner which was several weeks away. My wife agreed.

At the dinner, when my wife was done playing for the event, we were invited to join the volunteers for the meal.  I was chatting with two ladies who sat next to me. One lady asked me what I did and I replied that I did some photography and explained I had a recent photography exhibit at the library. This photograph was in that exhibit.  “Oh,” she said, “are you Frank Brueske”? I replied that I was.

“She said. “I  won one of your photographs at a gallery night in Pensacola a few years ago. I  didn’t even know I had signed up for the drawing.”

“I just loved the photograph of the palm trees and I purchased a nice frame for it. “Then I hung it in my bedroom.”

“You know,” she said, “it is the very last thing that I see when I fall asleep at night and it is the very first thing I see when I awake every morning. I just love it.”  She smiled at me as she placed her hand on my arm.”

I smiled back at her and hoped she could not see the tears which formed in the corner of my eyes and said very humbly, “That was very sweet of you to say that.”

That is the story of this photograph.




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