Street Car 3rd viewStreet Car 2nd view

Street Car 1st view

The question is when do you stop shooting a particular scene? As you know I am not an advocate of over shooting, but you also do the opposite of not doing enough if the you have time to do it.

In this blog, I have taken several photos of the St. Charles Streetcar in New Orleans.  The first one was from quite a ways away…the next was  closer..and the final was closer yet. We lose some of the street “scene” with the closeup view but it show more of the streetcar that the mid range view.

It is all in the eyes of the beholder. I think I like the mid view best and my second choice is the closeup view. In this digital age, you can afford to take more than just one photo…but be sure you do not over do it as well.  Then it asks the question…”which one is best?”

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