Shadows will help create depth in your photograph. This is one reason why many people will tell you that  early to mid morning and mid afternoon to late afternoon will provide better lighting is the fact these times of the day will provide “longer shadows.”  In other works these shadows will give you more of a three dimensional feel to the photograph.

This is true in most cases. The shadows will provide more of a “side lighting” as well.  By moving around your subject, you can find the best angles for this lighting.
In the photograph “Autumn Weed,” the lighting and shadows provide a depth to the round end of the pipes..much better than if all the lighting was coming directly to the front of the pipes. The weed itself is almost three dimensional. The photograph was taken in 1970.

The scene, “My Old Kentucky Home,” shows how the shadows of the porch and even the siding of the house provide a feeling of depth. The trees in the foreground also provide additional depth to the scene. This photograph was taken in 2002 near Hopkinsville, KY.

Autumn Weed weed  copy

My_Old_Kentucky_Home watermark copy

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