In earlier blogs I discussed “taking a walk” or taking several views of the subject you want to photograph. I will expand on those blogs with this one showing the subject from several views including the final one.

A sailboat, The Peacemaker, was in Pensacola Harbor for several days. Late in the afternoon, to get the sun on the right side, I went down to the pier and took the following photographs. My goal was to show as much of the ship as possible without showing too much of the pier. It was very cold and windy, yes even in Pensacola in January it can gets cold and windy. This limited the time I wanted to spend outdoors.

The lighting was right and there were a few clouds in the sky, so I was lucky from that standpoint. I have four different views that I took …along with the final cropped one in black & white and one in color. Pick your favorite one.  Photographs taken January, 2011.

sail boat 1 72

sail boat 2   copysail boat 3 72sail boat 4 72sail boat 5 72sail boat 6 color 72

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