First Snowfall

This photograph is my Christmas Card to all my website readers around the world this holiday season. “First Snowfall,” is the title of this scene I captured in 1955 on our family farm in Southeastern Minnesota after a heavy snowfall. The snow was wet and just stayed on everything. After the sun came out the snow started to melt as you can tell by the icicles forming on the pine boughs of this tree. Within an hour, much of the snow had melted.

May all of you have a blessed and happy holiday season

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Winter Farm Scene

Winter Farm Scene
 This tranquil winter scene was captured after a heaving snowfall in Illinois in January, 2003. The wet snow clung to the branches and and everything else. But in a few hours after the sun came out, the scene was totally different.


Winter Tree

It takes a wet snowfall in winter to have the snow stick to the trees.  If the weather changes and the sun comes out, or if it gets windy, the snow quickly falls off or melts off  the tree. So the trick is to be ready right after the snowfall if you want to capture a good scene.

The photos shown in these scenes, one in color and one in black & white provides two different prospectives. The one in color captures the blue of the sky which then shows up on the snow. In my opinion, while the scene is colorful, you lose some the detail from the old oak trees in the forest.

The black & white view is more dramatic and shows more detail of the tree and more separation in the background. in my opinion. This photograph was captured in 2002 and has not been photoshopped. As in most photographs, the larger you go with the print, the more detail appears. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Winter tree color web




winter tree b&w web







Christmas Card


For those of you who read my Photo of the Week information about this year’s Christmas Card,  I would like to show you two versions.  The first one of course would be my favorite , the black and white one.

If  you wondered what the color version might be like, I am including it here so you can make a comparison and select your favorite. It was early in the morning and the sun was still low in the sky. The snow picked up a lot of blue hues and  it just did not have the contrast I wanted.  So here they are. Click on each photo to enlarge them. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Christmas morning 1


Christmas Scene color


Merry Christmas

The Photo of the Week, Forest Snow,  is our holiday card to our readers this year. It was taken in 2002 after a very heavy snowfall. The snow stuck to everything and you can see the direction the snow came from by the black edges of the tree trunks. This scene was captured in our back yard during a heavy snowstorm when we were living in Illinois

The dark edges of the trees provide an interesting design to the scene. The snow on the ground nearly blocks out the weeds in the woods. It really was not as cold as it appears.

Click once on the photograph to enlarge it.

Forest Snow web

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