Street Piano Player

The photo of the week is a street piano player we stumbled across while walking the streets of the French Quarter searching for doorways. It is probably my favorite of doorway scenes. There she is with her piano, the bag for contributions and her cart to haul the piano home, wherever that might be.. She would stop people walking by on the sidewalk and give them some kind of an instrument so they could play along with her and start an impromptu band on the spot. Everyone enjoyed the lady and her music.

Street Piano Player 2 copy

Falls Mill

falls-mill-waterSometimes the lighting will never work out right for you until you take a look at the results. At a gallery night in Pensacola recently a person told me about this mill in Tennessee near the Jack Daniels distillery.

After talking to the tourist welcome center in Tennessee and a shop keeper near Jack Daniels we found the location of the mill near Maxwell which is between Fayetteville and Winchester, TN. Then we found the mill but I wanted to wait for an afternoon sun for better lighting.. We went to a local  “down home ”restaurant for the noon plate special and returned to the mill. The afternoon sun never really appeared. It actually got darker as a storm was approaching. The lighting actually worked to my advantage as it high lighted the leaves on the trees as well.

This is the Falls Mill and Country Store. It is listed on the National register of Historic Places is a working water powered grain mill and museum. It is a very scenic site.  

Use Shadows for Depth

Shadows will help create depth in your photograph. This is one reason why many people will tell you that  early to mid morning and mid afternoon to late afternoon will provide better lighting is the fact these times of the day will provide “longer shadows.”  In other works these shadows will give you more of a three dimensional feel to the photograph.

This is true in most cases. The shadows will provide more of a “side lighting” as well.  By moving around your subject, you can find the best angles for this lighting.
In the photograph “Autumn Weed,” the lighting and shadows provide a depth to the round end of the pipes..much better than if all the lighting was coming directly to the front of the pipes. The weed itself is almost three dimensional. The photograph was taken in 1970.

The scene, “My Old Kentucky Home,” shows how the shadows of the porch and even the siding of the house provide a feeling of depth. The trees in the foreground also provide additional depth to the scene. This photograph was taken in 2002 near Hopkinsville, KY.

Autumn Weed weed  copy

My_Old_Kentucky_Home watermark copy

Natchez Double Bridge

The Photo of the Week this week is a view from the ground up of the double bridge that crosses the Mississippi River from Mississippi to Louisiana. It is a double bridge with traffic on both bridges, rather than one being a car bridge and the other a railroad bridge.

This photograph in black & white is rather striking from the low angle while a color verison is on so-and-so. The street light in the middle gives an added emphasis to the low angle. Photograph taken in September, 2010, on a very cloudy morning.

Natchez  MS bridge

When is Enough…Enough??

Street Car 3rd viewStreet Car 2nd view

Street Car 1st view

The question is when do you stop shooting a particular scene? As you know I am not an advocate of over shooting, but you also do the opposite of not doing enough if the you have time to do it.

In this blog, I have taken several photos of the St. Charles Streetcar in New Orleans.  The first one was from quite a ways away…the next was  closer..and the final was closer yet. We lose some of the street “scene” with the closeup view but it show more of the streetcar that the mid range view.

It is all in the eyes of the beholder. I think I like the mid view best and my second choice is the closeup view. In this digital age, you can afford to take more than just one photo…but be sure you do not over do it as well.  Then it asks the question…”which one is best?”

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