Vintage Rural Texas

Texas Barn WebIt is amazing what you will find out side of major cities if you just drive a bit. After attending a series of business meetings in Grapevine, TX a few years ago, I stayed an extra day and started searching for old wooden windmills in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.. While I did not find any windmills, I discovered   rural Texas scenes  including one great barn. It is a favorite of mine and has been included in several exhibits. Click on each image to enlarge it.  Be sure to see the Old Texas General Store in the Photo of the Week.

I loved this old prairie home. The dark sky background  gives a feeling of the abandoned house being alone on the prairie, which it was.

Old Texas Prairie Home web

Another  old abandoned prairie home. complete with at attached garage and machine shed.

Same house different view.

second texas housewebTexas Prairie Home 3 web


Part of an old  wood/wire fence frames a deserted machine shed in the background

Texas Fence web


 The closest thing I  came I  to a a wooden windmill was a wooden the stand for a long gone each water tank.

Do you see the deserted  ranch house and buildings in the trees?

Texas Water Tank base web


All of these fine art photos are available in an 8×10 size for $35 each which includes postage and insurance. Drop me an email.



Old Texas General Store

This Photo of The Week was discovered while I was driving around Rural Texas outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth. What I was looking for were old barns and old wooden windmills. I did find some barns, but no wooden windmills. Then driving through this small community whose name, I can’t recall, I came upon this old deserted general store, From the faded wood siding on the front to the name, Patti’s Provisions, the piece of sheet metal hanging from the roof to the sagging open screen door, it was a scene I wanted to capture before it was gone.Patti's_Provisions water copy

It is from a different lifetime.

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Painting with sunlight

Painting with sunlight…with direct sun hitting a major portion of your photograph, will add a dynamic look to your scene. Contrary to most thinking that says the best photographs are taken at mid morning or mid afternoon, I disagree. A bright sun shining on an object with a great amount of detail will give you great results… Especially in black and white photography. Even a high noon sunlight captured correctly will give you a dynamic scene

Shooting a picture into the sun anytime of the day, will give you a silhouette as long as the sun is hidden by the subject. This will give you a high contrast and dramatic shadows. You will want to use the same exposure as you would normally use outdoors. If your camera is set to an automatic exposure it will probably throw you exposure off some and even make the scene more dramatic.

Of course, an early morning or later afternoon sun will have you more shadows and possibly more detail. But don’t put the camera away just because it is noon.

The photos included in this blog were taken in Texas north of Dallas in early afternoon.  The bright sun brings out the detail i and gives a darker sky for the backdrop which provides a very dramatic effect to the entire scenes. This is an old general near Dallas, TX, titled:  Patti’s Provisions.”

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