Nova Scotia Foggy Quiet Cove

Nova Scotia is a fantastic place to take photographs. Just follow the coastal roads and you find small boat harbors, many fishing villages, old weathered buildings with rusted tin roofs and lobster traps stacked nearby. 
Every photograph has a story.  The title of the scene Is, “Foggy Quiet Cove. Whenever you are traveling the back roads, you never know what you are going to find.  While we were traversing the roads close to the water in Nova Scotia, we got a late start because of foggy conditions. Shortly after we began our day’s journey we came upon this roadside scene. The fog was thick out on the water, but it had cleared near shore. Here, in the sheltered cove, coming out of the fog, was a small fishing village. Wildflowers were blossoming along the roadside and If you look very closely you will see one man on the boat dock.) An older boat has been pulled up on shore. The day is about to begin.

Old Barrel Factory

This old barrel factor was discovered in Nova Scotia right next to the highway on the road to Yarmouth.  The shape of the building, the design of the old wood siding and the pigeons on the roof drew my attention. Once a bustling factory, it now sits empty along the roadside. There is a folk song or a poem which says, “You never know what you will find around the next bend in the road.” This was one of those unexpected finds. I wanted to share it with you. This photograph is color was nothing special,. In black&white it brought out all the detail I had seen when I first glanced at it. The pigeons add a whole new dimension to the scene. Nova Scotia is full of old buildings like this along the roadsides. You will see more in future blogs.









Old One Room School-No, Not Really…

The following is a post  on my website in October, 2016

This old one room school was discovered along the backroads of a recent trip to Nova Scotia. I am not sure exactly where it was taken, but I believe it was near Yarmouth. You can barely see in the backgrounds a fishing boat harbor.

It brings back memories of the one room school house I went to in rural Southeastern Minnesota. However mine did not stand the years of time. I went there for four years and then I transferred to a consolidated community school as a fifth grader.


After I posted it on my website I forgot about it for a while. I did not even email it to my website readers. Then I started looking at it again about a month ago and thought to myself, “This is a two-story building and why would a school be two stories tall?”

My question was answered when I received this comment on my website from Liz in Nova Scotia. “This is not an old schoolhouse, it was a family home, then used by fishermen to store gear in, and most recently purchased and restored by my parents. You are right it it is in Yarmouth County, NS at the Yarmouth Bar on the way to Cape Forchu. I would love a copy of this picture to show my parents! I can send you a pic of what the home looks like now.”

I Responded:

“Hi Liz,,,thank you for your comment on my “old one room school.” It was taken  on July 24th, 2011 while we were enjoying our third trip to Nova Scotia.  We absolutely love it there. My wife says she is ready to go back any time soon.

First of all, I love black & white photography. I have been doing it for more than 60 years still have my darkroom although everything I do now is digital.   A  few weeks after I posted the photograph on my website, & Facebook,  I took another look at it as t reminded my on my one room school house in southern Minnesota….and I thought…hmmmm, it did have a  second story….my school did not have that…and it did have an entrance which is like the entrance on this, maybe it is not a one room school house.  But I was enthralled by the design of the weathered wood siding and the contrast it made in black & white. In color is was not much of anything.  I have other photographs like this  of old buildings (church, general store, etc..I took on this trip, I only have a few photographs of Nova Scotia in two gallery section but have not posted more there. But I have a couple hundred more still in the computer.

I would love to see what your folks did with this building. I could post that on my website and Facebook.” How did you happen to find his on my website?”

She responded:

“Thanks for the email. Here is a picture of my parents’ “shanty” or as we call it “da bar”. They purchased it a few summers ago and have given the place new life! We spend as much time here as we can during the summer months and as many days as we can during the off season! You are welcome to add this to your website. I live in Yarmouth, NS (born and raised). I spoke with my parents and they allowed me to send you the recent photo. You will enjoy the way I came across your photo. I teach grade 7 science and social studies and during one of the social studies classes we were searching online for one room school houses in Nova Scotia so the photo of our place at the Yarmouth bar came up and I recognized it almost immediately! “

So, here is the latest photograph of the “Old School House,” compliments of Liz’s parents, complete with a beautiful rainbow!

Overcast Days

Overcast days are great days for taking photographs. There are no harsh shadows and the sky will take on a gray or sometimes almost a white appearance whether you are taking color black and white photographs.

It is still best to have the sun, which you cannot see, at your back.  But even shooting into the sun will not give you any problems.  If you are using a camera which automatically sets your exposure, you will want to aim it at the subject and not up into the sky. Otherwise, the sky, which is still bright, will tend to give you an under exposed photograph.

The two scenes with this blog, one in color and the other in black and white, were taken on the same morning. probably within an hour of each other and about 15 miles apart. in Nova Scotia.

The color Pastel Boat Harbor scene provides a soft rendition with the water reflections of both the boat and the building in the background. This was the second photograph taken that morning and you can see just a bit of blue sky breaking through in the upper left hand corner.

The black and white “Barrel Factory” was taken earlier and the sky here is void of any contrast or clouds.

The old wood in the building, wood shingles, and certainly all the birds on the roof, make this a very interesting scene.

Different Perspectives

What a difference a couple of minutes  make….or taking a few steps for a change of view of the same scene. I  always advocate not to take too many photos of the same scene, but certainly take more than one if you can. A different view may put a different prospective on the scene.

With this blog I have included two different views of three different scene. These  scenes taken recently in Nova Scotia.

The first set of scenes was taken on a foggy morning along the coast and were actually taken about three minutes apart from two different viewpoints. Look at how quickly the fog is disappearing from the first scene to the second scene. I said they were taken three minutes apart, but it probably was not even that long…and the distance was only a few feet.

These are typically of the scenes that will greet you as you travel the back roads along the coast line of that province.

The second two photos were taken at the Digby Fishing Harbor in Nova Scotia. The area is known for its scallop fishing, but all the scallop ships were out that day. The first scene was shortly after sunup on a foggy morning. You can still see the redness of the morning sun in the fog.

The second scene was taken about 10 minutes later. Much of the fog has disappeared and the color the sky has changes as well.

The third set was taken  in a small inlet harbor. The lone boat was tied up to the dock and you see the full reflections of the one building in the fishing village in the water.

In the second scene, you see more of the dock, more buildings, but lose the perspective of the boat and the reflections in the water. I think I like the second scene better because of the total composition plus the sky has just a bit more tone to it.




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