Street Piano Player

The photo of the week is a street piano player we stumbled across while walking the streets of the French Quarter searching for doorways. It is probably my favorite of doorway scenes. There she is with her piano, the bag for contributions and her cart to haul the piano home, wherever that might be.. She would stop people walking by on the sidewalk and give them some kind of an instrument so they could play along with her and start an impromptu band on the spot. Everyone enjoyed the lady and her music.

Street Piano Player 2 copy

Poet for Hire

When you walk through the French Quarter of New Orleans you never quite know what you will see next. This scene was captured as we were heading back towards the bus (yes, the street car tracks on St. Charles were under construction) to return to our hotel. This scene is a typical scene with the bicycle chained to a light post and someone sitting on the sidewalk. But the lady  who was  the poet did not have an Ipad, nor a laptop computer, she had an old portable typewriter sitting on top of some kind of a portable desk.

The other young lady sitting on the sidewalk, believe it or not, was a customer. I guess you could call this “poetry in motion,” or something like that. The poet would write a few lines and then show it to her customer for approval, and then reinsert paper in the typewriter and type a few more lines.

I thought it was a neat  scene. The sign was hard to read with the sun reflecting of it, but you get the idea.

Poet For Hire

Musicians and Dogs

One of the many scenes you will see when walking New Orleans’ French Quarter are the multitude of street musicians…all asking for a few coins.  Many of them have dogs with them. You have seen some of them  before in my  my “Doorways of the French Quarter” exhibit.
This creative blog is actually showing is  two different photographs of street musicians, one with a dog and one without. Dogs seem to have their own lives in the French Quarter and you will see them running all over in the quarter but not as much on Burbon Street..

To get most of the shots of street musicians you will need a good zoom lens or a good telephoto lens for your camera. It will be better if the people do not know you are taking their photos, but many times they become aware of you and may actually “act out” for you.

The first photo the dog appears to have a harness on it for a blind person.  In the second photo there is no dog, but you need to spend some time looking at the musicians and their different instruments. Did you see the washboard near the suitcase?  Two observers in the background are listening to the music. The bicycle is the best transportation in the quarter…other then walking.

The French Quarter is a great place to take fun photographs. Every time I go there I will see new people and new scenes, but will also notice some individuals I have seen before.

It is a fun area of the city. Keep your eyes open, have your camera set on automatic exposure and be ready to catch that next great photograph!


Riverside Musician

Levee MusicanYou never know what you will run into while walking alone the Mississippi River levee at New Orleans.  This “cowboy” type musician was entertaining levee walkers on a spring afternoon with his ballads. Sometimes the would stop and talk to him as well. As I said, you never know what you will see while walking the levee there. Photo taken 2010.

A New Gallery

Normally this blog is used to help you improve your photography. This week it is to introduce a new gallery on my website: ” French Quarter Doorways,” in New Orleans.

How many times in our lives have we made a committment to finish one project right now without going off in another direction before it was finished? While working on my Mississippi River project we were spending several days in New Orleans and the French Quarter, I noticed all the differerent old doorways and the interaction of people around these doorways. I immediately decided to do a small gallery on the doorways of the French Quarter. These old buildings and their cafes, galleries and shops provide an interesting viewing experience to those people who have not been to the French Quarter…and also to those that have.

Meanwhile my River Gallery has taken a second seat to this one. But only for a few days.

I guess you could say that in the French Quarter life circulates around doorways and I have tried to provide that with this new gallery. Enjoy the doorways.

Painter in doorway  2  copy

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