Keep it Steady and Crisp

I always look for photographs that are crisp and in focus. Auto focusing lens help a lot, but how you take the photo also helps too. “Shoot Steady,” someone once told me. Don’t “snap” the shutter, just squeeze it gently and take a deep breath at the same time.. Even with an automatic focusing lens, if you jerk the camera when you snap the shutter your photo will come up blurred to a degree and not be as crisp as it should be. In other words, don’t move the camera when you snap the photograph.

Don’t hold the camera out in front of you, keep it as close to your eye as possible. With many cameras that you use on “auto” mode which means the shutter spend and the lens opening will be determined by the amount of light you have available, the darker the scene the slower the shutter speed and more of a chance for a blurred photo.

The photo with this blog has nothing to do with this subject, but is a nice sunrise scene. It was taken on the Florida keys. It was a very dark morning because of an approaching thunderstorm. Suddenly the sun burst through an opening in the clouds. I had my cameras nearby and took both black & white and colored photos.

The color photograph of the sunrise can be found in the “Other” gallery as well as a pastel sunset scene taken the same day at the end of the storm.

Sunrise Before The Storm

Sign Painter

This Missouri “sign Painter” captures the photo of the week spotlight. Many of the smaller river towns along the Mississippi have used the sides of their old buildings for very neat murals. Louisana, MO is one of the cities. I do not know how many murals they have in the city, three our four at least. This was one I captured this past autumn while taking photographs long the Mississippi. It is a good thing the painter is part of the mural or he would be heading for quite a tumble. Maybe he is taking a spill as the frog is leaping to get out of his way. Note the old looking street light in the background. The angle of the photograph adds emphasis to the painter.

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