Slim Pickin’s

This photograph is one of more than 30 which I have in my “Doorways of The French Quarter Gallery” on my website. It shows a couple of street musicians checking “their take,” in their music case as they preform for visitors on the sidewalk. So far for that day, it did not look too successful. They are one of many street musicians who perform in the French Quarter on any given day. I have seen them in several different locations during my visits to New Orleans. This photograph was taken in  2011.
 Note the graffiti on the doors behind them which is not uncommon on doors in the French Quarter. Also, the unchained bicycle against the wall which one of the musicians must have used for transportation that morning. Share this blog with your social media friends.  Postage is included in the prices.
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Jazz Player Cafe du Monde


This musician was playing nearly all day outside Cafe du Monde In Jackson Square in New Orleans. You could hear the music a block away as you approached the cafe, our first stop every time we travel to New Orleans. After three  beignets apiece…(and powered sugar scatter all over us and the table, and a large cup of coffee, we listened to the jazz player before we started our trek to the end of the French Market.

Jazz Player 1 71 copy

Three hours later we headed back to the cafe for more beignets and other cup of coffee. The jazz player was still there and I captured this shot at that time.  In between, we sampled some pralines and shared one too. Our trips to the the French Quarter is certainly not a low calorie event. However we did walk back to the street car at the intersections of Bourbon  and Canal Streets which included a stop at Bubba Gumps along the way.

The next day we were going to head to Market Street before going back home let in the afternoon. We love New Orleans!




Musicians and Dogs

One of the many scenes you will see when walking New Orleans’ French Quarter are the multitude of street musicians…all asking for a few coins.  Many of them have dogs with them. You have seen some of them  before in my  my “Doorways of the French Quarter” exhibit.
This creative blog is actually showing is  two different photographs of street musicians, one with a dog and one without. Dogs seem to have their own lives in the French Quarter and you will see them running all over in the quarter but not as much on Burbon Street..

To get most of the shots of street musicians you will need a good zoom lens or a good telephoto lens for your camera. It will be better if the people do not know you are taking their photos, but many times they become aware of you and may actually “act out” for you.

The first photo the dog appears to have a harness on it for a blind person.  In the second photo there is no dog, but you need to spend some time looking at the musicians and their different instruments. Did you see the washboard near the suitcase?  Two observers in the background are listening to the music. The bicycle is the best transportation in the quarter…other then walking.

The French Quarter is a great place to take fun photographs. Every time I go there I will see new people and new scenes, but will also notice some individuals I have seen before.

It is a fun area of the city. Keep your eyes open, have your camera set on automatic exposure and be ready to catch that next great photograph!


Doorways of The French Quarter

This Featured Photo  is one of many photographs I have taken in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the past 18 months.  It is typical of the scenes you see in this city that never sleeps….especially in the French Quarter.  There is music everywhere on the streets.

Titled, “Doggone Good Music,” it is one of 21 which will be included in my upcoming exhibit, “Doorways of The French Quarter.”    The exhibit will be held at the WUWF public broadcast radio station on the campus of University of West Florida in Pensacola.

The exhibit starts on October Monday, Oct 3, and runs through November 11th. The series of photographs was inspired by a night scene  I had taken in 1968 on Burbon Street.

This scene, taken in the shade, enables all the tone and texture of the photograph to come alive. The dog appears to be enjoying the music…or is taking a nap.

It was a fun experience and is an interesting exhibit. New Orleans is always a great place to visit. All the activity is not on Burbon Street.

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