Street Piano Player

The photo of the week is a street piano player we stumbled across while walking the streets of the French Quarter searching for doorways. It is probably my favorite of doorway scenes. There she is with her piano, the bag for contributions and her cart to haul the piano home, wherever that might be.. She would stop people walking by on the sidewalk and give them some kind of an instrument so they could play along with her and start an impromptu band on the spot. Everyone enjoyed the lady and her music.

Street Piano Player 2 copy

A Face of The French Quarter

When you are visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans, you never know what photo taking opportunities you will discover. They are all around you.¬† The photo of the week was taken in the first week of January while visiting the French Quarter. We were listening to some street musicians when I spotted this individual……probably¬† a street person…. sitting in a doorway observing the activity around him. The people were watching the musicians and this man was trying to get some attention too. It was a cool afternoon, even for New Orleans, as you can tell the way the individual was dressed.

Street Person 2 copy

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