Chicago Back Alley 1965

Back Alley Scene wm webThis Featured Photo  was captured in 1965 while doing a self-assignment on a day in Chicago.  I left  Minnesota on a midnight train to Chicago and arrived with the morning commuters. I took photographs for 10 hours and then caught the 5 p.m. train back to Minnesota. This is one of the 100 scenes  I  captured that day.

There are two things going on here. One individual is picking scrap boxes on an ironed wheel cart while the man in  the white shirt, briefcase in hand, is heading towards work. I wonder how that same alley would look  today.




Three Views of a Bridge

This week’s featured photos display  three views of the same bridge.  This is the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, FL. This scene was captured across the St.John’s River just a short distance from downtown Jacksonville.  All three views were taken from the ground level of the hotel where we were staying.  The first scene is in black & white, the second in color is just a bit different than the first view and the third is taken away from the palm trees.

I prefer the black & white view with the palm trees. I think he shaggy look of the tree trunks provides a distinctive feel to the scene.  I cannot remember when I have every seen a blue bridge although I don’t believe it as blue as what it appears on the photograph.  Which one do you like?

Main Street Bridge 1 web


Main Street Bridge color 2Main Street Bridge web 3


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