Port St. Joe Lighthouse (Cape San Blas)

This beautiful Lighthouse is located in a park at Port. St. Joe, FL. It is one of four lighthouses on Florida’s Forgotten Coast Lighthouse Tour. This lighthouse has a very long history of damage and replacement by many storms. Now, surrounded by trees it is just a short distance away from the city’s waterfront.

The first lighthouse was built in 1847 on a site, “deemed to be entirely secure from overflow or inundation.” But in during a strong gale in 1851, it collapsed. A year later, a new lighthouse was constructed but the light was not installed until 1855. Ten months later a hurricane ruined it. A third lighthouse was built in 1859. During the Civil War, the light was removed from the lighthouse, but the keepers dwelling and the wooden portions of the tower were burned.

Life was not easy for the lighthouse keepers as well. One drowned, one was murdered and I could go on and on, but here is the link to its history which I think you will find very interesting. Also, the locations have been changed many times. At one period, the Air Forced owned the lighthouse. This lighthouse is now 12 miles away from its original location.

Here is the link: http://lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=591.

Nova Scotia Foggy Quiet Cove

Nova Scotia is a fantastic place to take photographs. Just follow the coastal roads and you find small boat harbors, many fishing villages, old weathered buildings with rusted tin roofs and lobster traps stacked nearby. 
Every photograph has a story.  The title of the scene Is, “Foggy Quiet Cove. Whenever you are traveling the back roads, you never know what you are going to find.  While we were traversing the roads close to the water in Nova Scotia, we got a late start because of foggy conditions. Shortly after we began our day’s journey we came upon this roadside scene. The fog was thick out on the water, but it had cleared near shore. Here, in the sheltered cove, coming out of the fog, was a small fishing village. Wildflowers were blossoming along the roadside and If you look very closely you will see one man on the boat dock.) An older boat has been pulled up on shore. The day is about to begin.

Winter Tree

It takes a wet snowfall in winter to have the snow stick to the trees.  If the weather changes and the sun comes out, or if it gets windy, the snow quickly falls off or melts off  the tree. So the trick is to be ready right after the snowfall if you want to capture a good scene.

The photos shown in these scenes, one in color and one in black & white provides two different prospectives. The one in color captures the blue of the sky which then shows up on the snow. In my opinion, while the scene is colorful, you lose some the detail from the old oak trees in the forest.

The black & white view is more dramatic and shows more detail of the tree and more separation in the background. in my opinion. This photograph was captured in 2002 and has not been photoshopped. As in most photographs, the larger you go with the print, the more detail appears. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Winter tree color web




winter tree b&w web







Old Texas General Store

This Photo of The Week was discovered while I was driving around Rural Texas outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth. What I was looking for were old barns and old wooden windmills. I did find some barns, but no wooden windmills. Then driving through this small community whose name, I can’t recall, I came upon this old deserted general store, From the faded wood siding on the front to the name, Patti’s Provisions, the piece of sheet metal hanging from the roof to the sagging open screen door, it was a scene I wanted to capture before it was gone.Patti's_Provisions water copy

It is from a different lifetime.

Go to my creative photograph blog to see more photographs taken that day.





Joe Patti’s Seafood Wharf

Joe Patti’s Seafood Market in Pensacola is a great place to buy all kinds of delicious seafood…and a wonderful place to take  photographs too. But when you take a  photograph, the scene you  saw may not be the one you finally printed on paper. This scene was one of about 20 different photos I took with both a film and a digital camera.   You are  confronted by not only what size to make the print…but how to make it as well.

After selecting the photograph I liked best, I was undecided how I wanted to  make the print.

Let me show you what happened.  Here is the photograph I selected, a digital one, and it is in color. It is very colorful.

orignal color web

Here is the same scene converted to black & white. Not too bad.

B&W  web

Now, here is what I did with it in color. I like this.

Color final web

And here is the finished color print in black & white. It almost become a “line drawing” type of photo.

B&W final web

I like the ones I vignetted to give a softer appearance.    The color vignetted print was my final choice. It will look especially nice on a watercolor paper. It will also make nice note cards too.


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